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  • The Meet Market

    After the explanation of our webmaster Carlo about appropriateness, I do hope this topic would fit in here. Also, I have seen some messages from threads that seem to be off-topic...may this thread help in organizing the board.

    This is the Meet Market thread. If you want to share your personal stories or tidbits of your wonderful life (especially, experiences about your respective choir groups or music ministries, etc...), you can post it here. Let's get to know each other better. I'll start...

    I'm Gian, 20 years old from Las Pi

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    Re:The Meet Market

    After the explanation of our webmaster Carlo about appropriateness, I do hope this topic would fit in here. Also, I have seen some messages from threads that seem to be off-topic...may this thread help in organizing the board.
    Good move ;D And agree ako sa mga off topic, now nakikita ninyo gano kahirap mag-moderate hehehehe. Kse some threads change into different discussions at ang hirap naman ipinpoint saan nagstart or nagtapos yung isang train of thought. So ok yung ginawa ni jason na nagpost ng bagong topic nung nabanggit yung favorite arrangement, etc.

    About the appropriateness, I really hope hindi ako nagmumukhang kontra-bida sa inyo :'( kse dirty job talaga but someone's got to do it.

    (Actually itong post ko na to medyo off topic na pero pagpaumanhin ninyo na ako this once ;D )

    Gong back to the issue, ok lang talaga to talk about anything kahit non bp related (movies, tv shoes, songs, etc. etc.) as long as hindi promotional or maaaring maging promotional yung motive . . . gets? That's why the other groups have their respective websites for information about them

    Of course bawal pa rin yung nagbabangit ng iba kung "sensitive issues" pero naclarify na yon b4 pa di ba?

    Having said that, balik na tayo sa kasiyahan ng ating messageboards ;D



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      Re:The Meet Market

      Pakilala naman yung mga ibang posters dito!


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        Re:The Meet Market

        What about Christmas Party of BP Online Members together with BP People diba that will be a great idea.

        Having a chat with BP Online members and BP Members will definitely be a big "MEET" market.

        Sigurado biglang zoom-up sa charts agad itong thread na ito. Hehehehe......

        I am not who you think I am because I do not pretend to be somebody.
        Do not assume that I know everything because I am a nobody - Alexander


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          Re:The Meet Market

          MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


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            Re:The Meet Market

            beautiful story Gian,
            talaga namang the Lord works in mysterious ways.

            since walang ibang nag-post para mag introduce, at ayokong maiwan kang nag-iisa dito sa thread na ito, makikisali na rin ako.

            i'm lionel.
            inactive member of BP. joined when i was in 2nd year college (in 1986). was originally a tenor in those days, but in BP i was made a bass. kaya never na tumaas ang boses ko.

            dream come true noong sumali ako kasi i had been listening to BP tapes for years, and in fact that was how i learned to pluck the guitar, from listening and being so obsessed that i learned the chords and the plucking on my own (wala pang SONGBOOKS NOON!!!!) .

            i've always enjoyed playing instruments more than singing though, so i eventually moved on to be a fixture of the orchestra. (usually kami ni Palan.)

            even when i was with the parish choirs, i would always love to play guitar or piano more than sing. mas liberating sa akin. i guess. one thing's sure though.... being a part of the choir during a mass is, for me, the HIGHEST and the most SACRED duty of every person gifted with a musical talent. i have always truly believed that if you can sing or play an instrument, you HAVE to give it back in some way. thru prayer, thru the mass, or by teaching others .

            my very first instrument in mass, way back in high school was : tambourine. nothing glorious. but boy, did i beat that thing with all the joy i had in me.

            which is why BP became such a beautiful part of my life.
            for the more than 10 odd year I've been with the group, it has always been a way to share talents with varied people, and inspire them to do the same. all in the name of prayer and giving back, and worship, and giving glory to the Lord.

            let's see.
            since then i've been on and off with the group as there were always many other things i was involved with: parish choirs, choirs of my organizations in Ateneo, theater, band, dayjob, girlfriend (na naging wife, yehey!).

            but the one thing i've learned over the years that keeps me going is this: in any group you join, you look at what good the group can do and if you believe in it, you support it with all your heart.

            never mind the intrigues and chismis (lalo na sa mga parish choirs, naku!) , never mind the individual egos (lalo na sa mga artistes).

            if it is doing holy work, then forget personal differences.
            let it continue on its mission. and be a support pillar to it.

            you can't go wrong.
            God won't let you.

            walk in Faith,

            Mass Music by Lionel
            my media reviews + Catholic blog: Lionelsewhere
            my Catholic reflections blog: PillarNovice
            my electronic music: Acid42 ElectroBlog


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              Re:The Meet Market

              teka bakit wala ako dito.

              hi am Jojit, working as an information systems auditor. pareho kami company ni sir tonet and ma'am monnette. am 28, married (pero sa saturday palang church wedding namin.) i have a 3 year old daughter. her name's daphne (dun sa mga BP members na kumanta sa wedding ng sister ko, sya po nagbigay sa inyo ng candy. ) i became a choir member kasi po panata ko yun pag pumasa ako sa CPA board exam. but before that, when i was still in high school. ako po drummer sa don bosco tarlac during mass (we call it rock mass kasi complete with bass, electric guitar and keyboards, favorite namin tugtugin nun yung one more gift and lead me lord). tapos i formed a new group na kakanta sa afternoon mass sa parish and sa mga barrio na walang choir. bagong awit music ministry was formed 6 months ago. and maganda naman po ang samahan namin. my wife is 3 months pregnant (sana boy) and favorite nya ang bukas palad. pati daughter po namin favorite yung i seek you for i thirst and prayer for generosity. kaya lang ang alam nya title ng i seek is "oh lord" sa prayer for gen naman ang alam nya title "pony dead" (your most, pony dead. hehehe) ;D

              yun lang po.

              Bagong Awit Music Ministry

              Please check links below:

               Rules and Regulations
               Newbie Questions
               The Meet Market


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                Re:The Meet Market

                My real name is ALEXANDER, kaya yun din ang username ko

                I started being in the choir when I was in Grade 4 sa Children's Choir namin sa Parochial School pero matagal yun bago nasundan, puro melody lang kasi.

                Then I started my career sa Choir last 1984, Tenor at Guitarist ako sa Sto Ni
                I am not who you think I am because I do not pretend to be somebody.
                Do not assume that I know everything because I am a nobody - Alexander


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                  Re:The Meet Market

                  Thanks to all your wonderful stories!

                  lionel: Thanks for the compliments. I'm always amazed everytime I get to recall recharges my spirits up. Thanks for "accompanying" me in this thread.

                  Are you a Brasher too (BYC)? Pati 'ata sa PinoyDVD, andun ka.


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                    Re:The Meet Market

                    I'm Rainier, a 1st year College Seminarian at San Pablo Major Seminary in Baguio City. Actually, taga-Bacarra, Ilocos Norte ako (Ilocano, baga!).

                    I started to compose songs when I was in first year high school (wayback 199. Nasa Minor seminary pa lang ako noon. Nabasa ko kasi yung article sa Rejoice Chordbook (published by the Logos Publication) about kay Fr. Mano and his composition, "Hindi kita Malilimutan". I can't believe it na on that young age as mine, naka-compose siya. sabi ko noon sa sarili ko, "Kung kaya niyang gumawa ng kanta on that young age, bakit hindi rin ako?" So, sinubukan kong gumawa ng kanta. But then, I was a little bit discouraged nang di ko makayang gumawa ng melody on my composed songs. So definitely, I stopped.

                    When I was in second year HS, nabuhay muli yung desire ko na makagawa ng kanta when I met Sr. Allen, who eventually met Fr. Mano (I forgot the congregation where she belonged but I am sure that Fr. Mano knows her. She was assigned in Bangui, Ilocos Norte). When she shared to us seminarians the History of Hindi Kita Malilimutan, doon nabuhay ang courage ko to develop my music abilities. Eventually, through God's grace, I was able to compose songs. The problem was that how to publish them. That was the greatest challenge that I usually carry on.

                    It was also during that year when I have known the Bukas Palad. Our then spiritual director, now the rector of St. Mary's Seminary (the seminary where I graduated in HS), Fr. Lester Menor, usually play the songs of BP during our penitential services and meditations (together with Lauds). One time, I borrowed the copy of BP's In Him Alone and the Best of BP Vol. 3 to him. When I heard these songs, I was uplifted in prayer. It also helped me to compose songs. It was also during that time when I have read in the inlay about the foundation of BP, founded by Jandi, Norman and Fr. Mano. I would say that it was BP that helped me compose songs.

                    In 2000, I started joining such competitions. The first one was in JAM: Himig Handog sa Makabagong Kabataan. Unfortunately, my entry didn't qualify for the second screening test. Doon na rin nagkrus ang landas ng paghanga ko sa BP when I have watched BP interpreting the composition of Gino Torres. The second was the John Maria Vianney Sunday Contest in 2001. Dalawa kami noong naglaban for the composition category. Fortunately, Nakuha yung entry ko. It eventually become the official theme song of the Neophytes' Investiture. Recently was the Himig Handog Love Songs. For the second time, my entry was not qualified.

                    Few months before graduation (2002), our rector, Fr. Lester Menor, requested me to compose an alma mater song for the seminary. I was keeping then a poem entitled "The Voice of Mary", inspired by the name of our official publication, Vox Mariae. I then decided to compose the melody of it. At first, the assignment was hard. I originally planned to have the tempo in March but inspired with the Annunciation story in Luke, I decided to put the tempo in a slow 16-beat tempo to impose our devotion to Mary, the mother of seminarians and the patron of the seminary. After making the tune, I presented it to one of my classmates and placed some suggestions on the lyrics. When our principal asked me if the song was finished, she also told me if the seminary was mentioned in the song. I reviewed once again yung song and eventually, I revised its lyrics, adding and editing it. Pagkatapos noon, I presented it to our rector. He was pleased with the lyrics and the song was approved. I then taught the song to my classmates. During our graduation, it was formally sung. It eventually became the official Alma Mater Song of the seminary.

                    When I entered San Pablo Seminary in 2002, my knowledge in the music ministry became more broader when I joined the seminary choir in August. This was also the time when I joined the BP online group to enhance more my knowledge in the music ministry.

                    This year, with the inspiration of the BP and my desire to help other musicians and composers, I decided to put up the Philippine Liturgical songwriters in Yahoo Groups.

                    After 5 years and with almost 60 compositions, the legacy continues.....

                    Ang haba, 'no :? Sana ay nakapagbigay ako ng inspiration sa inyo!!!

                    LET THE MUSIC HEAL YOUR SOUL!!!!


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                      hello! ako po ay si Mel Steven H. Cahilog tawagin n'yo nalang akong mel o di kaya naman ay bambam. Ako ay isang myembro ng choir dito sa davao. palagi po naming kinakanta ang mga kanta n'yo sa mass. Ang website pong ito ay nalaman ko galing sa aking kaibigan na kasama ko sa choir. Hinahangaan ko talaga kayo dahil sa inyong mga makabagong kanta na pangsimbahan. Gusto ko rin po'ng sanang humingi sa inyo ng mga breathing exercises. yon lang po sa ngayon. heheheheheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

                      Anyway, salamat talaga sa website n'yo. malaki talaga ang naitulong nito sa akin.

                      maraming salamat,


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                        Re:The Meet Market

                        Hello to all!

                        Magandang thread ang naisip nyo dito. Siguro magugulat kayo sa kwento ng buhay ko kasi medyo kakaiba. Sana hindi kayo maiinit sa kwento ko
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                          Re:The Meet Market

                          Maraming salamat, Punzi, sa pakikibahagi mo. Natatakot na tuloy akong mag-law ngayon...hehe. ;D


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                            Re:The Meet Market

                            Wag kang matakot, hashpipe. Pumasok ka ng law school. Apat na buwan lang naman ang mawawala sa iyo pag hindi ito para sa iyo.

                            At kung para sa iyo ito, kapit lang.
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                              Re:The Meet Market

                              LOL, Punzi! ;D Actually, I already decided NOT to pursue law. I just graduated as a Political Science major. I was thinking of going to law afterwards but somewhere along the way, I lost interest. :-\

                              Gusto ko naman ngayon eh magpari. Hehe. Pero 'di ko 'ata kaya yun. ;D