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Good news and bad news

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  • Good news and bad news

    Well, this is awkward.

    The good news is, the board is obviously up and running again - and updated enough to [hopefully] not have too much issues with spambots.

    The bad news is, while I did backup - apparently the most recent "state" of the database (when this issue all the "incompatibility issues" with the site and board happened) was somehow mangled. So that means even the backup I had assumed was the most recent - was mangled beyond use.

    Long story short, searching for SOME backup that worked - I ended up with one from Oct 2013 :(

    That's right - we've just lost FOUR TO FIVE YEARS worth of posts and new members (including BP members I reckon)

    I profusely apologize that I didn't put in enough redundancies to counter this issue. I knew I have to redo the site in general, but I had assumed I at least had the board covered. I have no one else to blame but myself.

    In any case, I'm not sure exactly how valuable this forum is ever since social media took over our lives - but I do know that its a great resource at the very least for the music request/download section - and we intend to keep that going. Or at least for as long as people show interest in it.

    That said, moderators, if you're reading this, kindly check the status of your permissions and see if you still have privileges to manage the boards. I also apologize that you lost a whole bunch of private messages as well :(
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    Re: Good news and bad news

    Thank you Carlo. Yeah 2013 is a bit far off but better than nothing. Don't blame yourself, I guess that was because of the eve of Social Media.
    Don't worry, we'll not abandon the messageboard again.
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